Gap Analysis Report - Gender Inclusion in SETT: Effective Strategies for Systemic Change

Through the project “Gender Inclusion in SETT: Effective Strategies for Systemic Change,” funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada, CCWESTT aims to help advance women and gender-diverse people’s recovery from the current impacts of COVID-19 by increasing their economic security through systemic change in the workplace. Specifically, the project is designed to address systemic barriers within workplace policies, practices, and attitudes that limit women and gender-diverse people’s participation in SETT. A key output of this work is this Gap Analysis Report which identifies the most effective strategies currently being used to make real change in SETT workplaces toward gender inclusion considering the systemic nature of the change required. This report will explore gaps in public policy and implementation of gender inclusion efforts in both the not-for-profit and employer ecosystems.


Date: 2023

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