CCWESTT 30th Anniversary

In 2022 CCWESTT marked our 30th anniversary and celebrated 30 years of impact. Over the past three decades, the community of CCWESTT has worked together to transform Canada’s SETT landscape. We are one of the most established, respected and largest national coalitions working to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion in SETT in Canada. For our 30th anniversary, we reflected on our many memories, and made plans for a bold future. These memories are summed up in the video below where members reflect on and share the importance of CCWESTT.


Look back at our hashtag #CCWESTT30 where we shared some of our favourite CCWESTT memories on social media. It’s not too late for you to connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and share your memories with us and with your network.

Our 30th Anniversary Event Series featured conversations about the challenges and successes on the path to gender equity in SETT.  Thank you to the leadership of our members, in making this series insightful and successful.


In an online members event, we reflected on the past and looked forward to our future, including the exciting launch of our new online community hub. Members can watch the video of that event in the community hub.


We are proud that our members are taking action as a coalition to build a society with gender equity, diversity and inclusion in every aspect in SETT. We collectively support over 500,000 people in our network both at the organizational and individual level. If you are not yet a member and want to expand your connections within CCWESTT, learn more about how you can become a member and be part of creating a bolder future!

Thank you to our generous supporters for making this video possible:

Individual Supporters:

Edna Dach

Fervone Goings

Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko

Loui Pappas

Madeleine Jensen-Fontaine

Valerie Davidson

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