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2020 Future Forward
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Why Sponsor CCWESTT 2020?


Women’s increased participation and advancement in the workforce bring significant economic benefits to organizations and to Canada. This compelling business case is articulated by industry and institutional leaders across all sectors and is supported by recent research findings. Enhancing the participation and leadership of women in science, engineering, trades and technology (SETT) fields will generate even greater positive impacts in our knowledge-based, technological and highly competitive global economy.

The benefits of gender diversity (WinSETT, 2016) are supported by direct economic indicators. These include:

  • Solution to skills shortages
  • Access to a broader base of talent
  • Increased innovation potential
  • Enhanced market development
  • Greater return on human resource investment
  • Stronger financial performance
  • Improved corporate governance
  • Increased national economic growth index

Our Sponsors

We thank our wonderful sponsors for their generous donations towards this Conference.

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