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Canadian Scientist Donna Strickland Shares Nobel Physics Prize

By: Ivan Semeniuk, The Globe and Mail - October 2, 2018

Canada’s newest Nobel Prize winner, Donna Strickland, ‘just wanted to do something fun’.

Engineers Canada releases report: 2018 National Membership Report

By: Engineers Canada

The Engineers Canada’s 2018 National Membership report gathers annual information on the provincial and territorial engineering regulators’ membership, providing timely and accurate information about the engineering profession in Canada. This year’s report presents data from the 2017 calendar year and indicates steady growth of the profession.

ProGRES Releases New Video for Women in Engineering or Promoting Girls in Research in Engineering and Sustainability

By: ProGRES, or Promoting Girls in Research in Engineering and Sustainability

ProGRES, or Promoting Girls in Research in Engineering and Sustainability, was initiated in 2017 to promote engineering research and interest among young women in high school. Through ProGRES, high school girls in Grades 11 and 12 have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects independently with faculty researchers and women student mentors, and the ProGRES students also meet many women engineers in various industrial sectors in our province.

30 by 30 Initiative in 30 Second Sound Bites

By: Anna Gkalimani, EIT and OSPE Women in Engineering Advocacy Champions Task Force (WE ACT) member - September 11, 2018

OSPE’s Blog on ‘30 by 30 Initiative in 30 Second Sound Bites’ profiles Jeanette Southwood, P.Eng., Susan MacDougall, P. Eng., Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst, P.Eng., Kathy Baig, P.Eng., Shelly Deitner, P. Eng., on their work on 30 by 30.

Gender Summit 11 North America releases report: Towards a New Normal

By: the Gender Summit 11 Regional Steering Committee

The Outcomes from Gender Summit 11 report entitled "Towards a New Normal" provides confirmation of the current climate for change and an overview of some initiatives already underway in Canada, the United States and beyond. It is intended as a resource for maintaining and building on the momentum for change for the Gender Summit community and other advocates for EDI in research and innovation.