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Gender Summit 11 North America releases report: Towards a New Normal

By: the Gender Summit 11 Regional Steering Committee

The Outcomes from Gender Summit 11 report entitled "Towards a New Normal" provides confirmation of the current climate for change and an overview of some initiatives already underway in Canada, the United States and beyond. It is intended as a resource for maintaining and building on the momentum for change for the Gender Summit community and other advocates for EDI in research and innovation.

"Engineering Changes Lives” - Doubling the Number of Women Entering Engineering by 2030

By: Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba - May 3, 2018

Only 15 per cent of newly licensed engineers in Manitoba are women – lower than nearly every other professionally-accredited occupation. Gender inequality is the biggest diversity gap facing engineering in Manitoba.

NSERC Chairs release report: Analysis of the Distribution of Gender in STEM Fields in Canada

By: the NSERC Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering

The report, Analysis of the Distribution of Gender in STEM Fields in Canada, takes a look at the percentages of women in STEM fields in the various regions of Canada.

UNESCO releases report: Cracking the code: Girls’ and women’s education in STEM


UNESCO's Cracking The Code: Girls' and women's education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) report aims to ‘crack the code’, or to decipher the factors that hinder or facilitate girls’ and women’s participation, achievement and continuation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Thank You for Making CCWESTT2018 Such a Success! 

By: Lianne Lefsrud and Anjum Mullick, Co-Chairs CCWESTT2018

This three-day national event, brought together subject matter experts, employers, CEOs/presidents, government representatives, and women in SETT (Science, Engineering, Trades, and Technology) at all phases of their career life-cycle to share their knowledge and experience around diversity and inclusion. Our flexible theme of “Learn. Grow. Act.” included the sharing current and emerging research and best practices, offering powerful professional development, and gaining practical solutions to the challenges faced regarding attraction, promotion, and retention of women in SETT.