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Engineers Canada releases report: 2018 National Membership Report

By: Engineers Canada

The Engineers Canada’s 2018 National Membership report gathers annual information on the provincial and territorial engineering regulators’ membership, providing timely and accurate information about the engineering profession in Canada. This year’s report presents data from the 2017 calendar year and indicates steady growth of the profession.

Total membership in the provincial and territorial regulators, excluding students, grew to 295,926, which marks a 2.4 per cent gain. Excluding APEGS, there were 8,988 newly licensed engineers in 2017, a number that has increased by 7.8 per cent nationally since 2016. Overall female membership in the profession increased by 5.2 per cent, compared to 2.0 per cent for males. While this means that the total proportion of women to men in the profession is growing, it is still comparatively low at 13.1 per cent, up from 12.8 per cent in 2016.

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